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Ness and the Hebrides

Ness (Nis in Gaelic) is the Northernmost part of the Isle of Lewis, which in turn is the Northernmost island in the Outer Hebrides. Ness consists of 16 villages, one of which is Eoropie and the community oi the most North-Westerly in the European Union.

Gaelic is the language of the community with 75% of the population being able to speak it (the owners of Eorpie cottage are native speakers) and peat, cut from the moor, is still used as fuel for cooking and heating in many homes.

Landmarks include the 13th-century Teampull Mholuaidh (St Moluag's church), the small island of Dun Eistean, the ancestral home of the Lewis Morrisons and the Butt of Lewis lighthouse, built in 1862 by David Stevenson. These are all within walking distance of Eoropie Cottage.

Ness is also well-known for it's annual harvest of young Gannets (Guga) and the Sgoth, a unique type of clinker built skiff, which were mainly used for fishing.

Crofting is the main source of land-use which leads to a sustainable, community-led, low-impact farming in what is regarded as a very beautiful and unpoiled area. Crofters traditionally do not use cheimical fertilizers, weed killers or insect sprays, resulting in an environment in which wildlife, flora and fauna thrive.

Organisations like Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Society for the protection of birds, work with crofters to protext these habitats.

On entering Ness, is the Ness Heritage Centre. This centre is a must to visit if you are interested in good quality local information about the past and it has a cafe.

The Port Of Ness is a picturesque fishing village, with a good beach.

The Spors Nis Sports Centre is about half a miles walk from the cottage and has ten pin bowling, swimming pool and gym facilities.

Other attractions include a wonderful award winning Eoropie Dunes Play Park for the children and The Butt Of Lewis Lighthouse. The Play Park at Ness which is only 150 yards from the cottage can only be described as "World Class". On a scale of one to ten, this is eleven. Set up by the community, this park is set close to the shore on the 'machair'(sand based grassland) and dunes. The park covers a large area and has just about every imaginative activity that you could ever wish to take part in (The kids will love it too!).

Cliffs at Ness

Ness Gala Day

13th-century Teampull Mholuaidh

Blackhouses at Gearrannan

Stornoway Harbour

Butt of Lewis lighthouse
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